Please review our new guidelines/policies to help make your tattoo experience safe for you and us:

  • If you have been ill in any way (this includes allergies) or have been in proximity with anyone who has experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, please contact via email to reschedule your appointment. If you show up with symptoms, we will ask you to leave.

  • If you are considered "HIGH RISK" for Covid-19 we request that you reschedule your appointment for your own safety.

  • If you feel uncomfortable, upset, or cannot comply with our new guidelines, please inform us and we will put you on a list for when we lift our Covid-19 guidelines. Please understand we do not know when that will be.

  • We are currently focusing on appointments that were rescheduled since FEB 2020. If you'd like to book a tattoo please email and you'll be added to the wait-list and notified about future dates.

  • No food in the studio at this point.

  • If you have traveled via public transportation (planes, trains, buses) in the past 14 days we request that you reschedule your tattoo.

New steps prior to your appointment:

  • The tattoo consent form will be sent email prior to the appointment. Please fill out the form and attached a photo of your ID.

  • Clients and artists will wear masks while in the studio and during the tattoo process. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.

  • Please only bring essential items into the studio such as phones, glasses, or medically necessary items. These items will be disinfected if possible. 

  • Upon entering our building, clients will be asked to wash their hands for 30+ seconds at our designated hand-washing station supplied with hand soap and single-use paper towels. Hand Sanitizer will also be available.

  • We ask that you COME ALONE. No other guests/family are allowed.

If you have any questions regarding our new policies, feel free to email us:

is located in Canton, MA and is by appointments only. Feel free to contact the artist for open bookings.