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Removing Bandage:

It is easiest to remove in the shower. Splash the bandage with lukewarm water and start peeling from the corners slowly. Do not panic if it sticks to the tattooed area. Continue splashing water and peel slowly. It should come off easily once wet.


Keep it clean:

Wash area with mild unscented liquid soap. Splash water indirectly while gently wiping away traces of blood, plasma or ink. Do not use wash-cloth, loofah, or sponge. Pat dry and let air-dry before applying lotion.


Keep it Moisturized:

Apply a very thin layer of lotion and rub in until it’s absorbed. A little goes along way. Clean your tattoo and apply lotion 2-3 times a day or as needed. Once it peels you can switch to regular lotion (AVENO) As it scabs it will become itchy. Do not scratch just lotion up.


DO NOT: pick, scratch, soak in water or expose to direct sunlight. Stay out of pools and saunas. Don’t let anyone touch it.

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